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Creating memorable brand videos that engage real audiences and encourage real conversation.

But what does that really mean?

Meet Zack Millsaps (Me, I Mean) I’m a coffee-drinking, book reading, millennial hipster. At least that’s what people think about me. But hear me out.

Who I Am

I am unconventional. I love meeting new people and going on adventures together–work and non-work related. On an enneagram, I’m a 3 (or a 2–it’s a bit of an existential crises when different tests give me either of these numbers), and an ENFP. If I could emphasize the “E” I would, I’m a double E. I’m a let’s hang out, have a great conversation, and get stuff done kind of guy, and hopefully there’s coffee.

My “who are you” story in short is I grew up as a missionary kid in Mexico where I fell in love with making movies with my friends. Much later, I moved to the US to study storytelling through English classic literature while I kept making movies. There I began exploring the corporate and commercial space, beginning a professional career in writing, directing, and producing content that excelled goals for clients and brands across the world.

I’m a die hard fan of street tacos (al pastor all the way), climbing rocks outside, and ice cream as my last meal of the day. Last but not least, I currently live in Greenville, SC with my beautiful wife, daughter, and son.

What I Do

A director thrives for their clients when blending two things together: great communication with detailed craft. Brands, agencies, marketing directors, CEOs, CMOs, CIA, all and more are looking for ways to connect them to a wide audience. That happens through a director who can listen and translate your message through both tried and true storytelling and compelling filmmaking techniques.

That is in essence what I do, day-in and day-out. I meet clients where they are, look forward with them in what story they are telling, and I go share it through engaging filmmaking.

How I Work

Video production can seem like a massive undertaking—and often it is! My process is designed to remove all the confusion and establish expectations up front so that all parties are happy with the final product. Every project is different, and after years of navigating this space, you can rest easy bringing me on.

As the kids say these days…

HMU (Hit Me Up)